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Green Issues

Self interest often clouds our judgment. "Why should I use environmentally friendly or recycled materials, surely it's going to cost me more?" This is an arguement we hear frequently, and it can often be a barrier to companies being seen to be environmentally responsible.

"How can we guarantee that paper and board only come from sustainable sources?"

Vision Partners are accredited by two organisations, the 'Forestry Stewardship Council' (FSC) and the 'Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification' (PEFC). Both these organisations exist to ensure that forestry and unlitmately any product that is made from wood or its derivatives are produced in a manner that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests. The two organisations jointly oversee approximately 10% of the worlds forests. A commitment to use materials that are FSC or PEFC accredited, guarantees that your printed matter will not have a detrimental impact on the environment or the indigenous populations that occupy the forests.

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At Vision Partners we have taken the decision to ensure than all the paper and board materials we offer as house quality are from only sustainable and ecologically responsible sources. This means that you, the customer, can be confident in the knowledge that your leaflets, brochures, direct mail or any printed item is not being harvested from a source that can potentially damages the ecology of the earth.

The great news is that to use these materials costs no more that unaccredited papers. All Vision Partners house papers are either FSC or PEFC certified. You can be assured that the paper you use will not have come from an unregulated or illegal forestry organisation.

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Why not join the growing number of organisations that actively demonstrate their commitment to a green economy by adding an FSC or PEFC logo to their printed products. Only certified companies such as Vision Partners can do this on your behalf, we are audited annually by an independent certificaiton body to ensure that we operate procedures that can guarantee the probity of the papers we use.

Why not go one step further and "Carbon Balance" your paper purchases!


What's "Carbon Balancing" and how does it benefit me?

Carbon Balanced Paper is a material where the carbon emmisions associated with the manufacture and distribution have been offset or carbon balanced by the World Land Trust. The World Land Trust (WLT) is an international conservation organisation that takes direct action to save rainforest and other wildlife habitats. How? By providing funds for partner organisations, so that they can purchase land and establish permanent wildlife reserves. For every kilogram of paper purchased, a small monetary contribution goes to the WLT.

Through land purchase of ecologically important standing forests under threat of clearance, carbon is locked that would otherwise be released. These protected forests are then able to continue absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. Referred to as REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation), this is now recognised as one the most cost-effective and swiftest ways to arrest the rise in atmospheric CO2 and global warming effects.

If you need to demonstrate your environmental commitment, not only can we add meaningful logos (FSC & WLT) to your printed work, but also we can provide certification, which you can use in your own marketing, to confirm the contribution you will have made to saving endangered habitat and how much carbon has been offset by your contribution.

Demonstrate your own environmental commitment by including a Carbon Balacing claim on your own marketing literature.

In partnership with Howard Smith Paper we are able to offer two options.

  • Regency & Greencoat Ranges balanced at source (no premium to pay for these materials)
  • Opt in facility for any material to make a contribution to WLT (you pay a little extra)

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