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What's the difference between a URL and a PURL?

A URL is simply a web address such as, a PURL is a developement of this address into special web page that is dynamically populated (depending on the address) and can be totally unique if required. For example an address such as could display a web page that contained content specifically targeted at John Doe.


How can a PURL be used to increase response rates?

Statistics will prove that response rates increase as the perception that you are communicating directly increases. Including relevent information, offers and images within your messages will encourage the recipient to respond, including a PURL which at the individual level could also identify respondents allowing you to further target your marketing effort.


What is Personalisation?

Personalisation simply means including relevant content in any message that you communicate with your customers or prospects.

The simplest form of personalisation would be to include name and address details on any communication, at the most detailed level, it is possible to make use of data you may have to change graphics and colours, pictures, special offers, PURLs and QR and Barcodes. Using the direct mail channel, all these elements are changed dynamically during the production run making each mail piece unique.

If you have any other questions that you would like answered, please don't hestitate to get in touch, we are here to help.


How does 'Carbon Balancing Work?'

A small proportion of the purchase cost of a 'Carbon Balanced Paper' is allocated to the World Land Trust. The World Land Trust is an international conservation charity (Reg. No. 1001291), based in Halesworth, a rural town in Suffolk, UK. Since its foundation in 1989 as the World Wide Land Conservation Trust, the World Land Trust has been working to preserve the world's most biologically important and threatened lands, and has helped purchase and protect over 400,000 acres of habitats rich in wildlife, in Asia, Central and South America and the UK. Using 'Carbon Balanced Paper' demonstrates an organisation's commitment to the environment. Certificates and logos can be included on printed items which actively promote your company's green credentials.


How can I calculate the weight of my printed items?

Download our simple Weight Calculator, enter the size, weight of materials number of pages and quantity and it will do the work for you. This is based on white paper, usually the ink coverage makes a very nominal difference to the overall weight and unless your item is on the absolute limit of a postal band, its impact can be ignored.


What's the difference between Royal Mail and Down Stream Access (DSA)?

Royal Mail holds the monopoly for the doorstep delivery, so you will always have your mail delivered by a friendly postman. The sorting stages before final delivery have been opened up to competition and there are now numerous companies offering to collect your mail, sort it and deliver in to the Royal Mails regional centres, because of this almost without exception, DSA is a second class service. On many occasions DSA proves to be a more cost effective option than one of Royal Mails many discount options such as mailsort.

There are so many different postal solutions available, it is virtually impossible for the layman to decide what represents best value. We would always recommend that your data is analysed to find the best solution, we are able to provide you with a comparison of costs for the various options available, just ask your sales representative.


What’s the best way of uploading files?

This is totally dependant on file sizes; up to 5Mb it’s convenient to send via email, 5-25MB upload to our FTP site. Above 25mb it’s probably better to load onto disk and send to us via registered mail or courier.


What is 'bleed' and why is it necessary on my artwork.

Commercial printers will normally be printing your jobs onto paper that is larger than the finished size of the artwork. As part of the manufacturing process, the printed sheets are trimmed to their finished size. Bleed is added to artwork so that when jobs are trimmed background colours, pictures or illustrations can extend to the edge of the page. Download this PDF which is annotated with explanatory notes.


How often should my data be cleansed?

Our approach would be depended on the source of your data. If is self generated for example from your accounts department, it is likely to be fairly accurate as address errors would ordinarily be identified and rectified quickly, so the need for cleansing would be relatively rare. However, if you have purchased data or are using a prospect list which has not been verified for some time it is very useful exercise to undertake.

Royal Mail offer a data cleansing service called 'Clear Prospects' which allows you to audit your data for free. It is worth noting that you can only qualify for bulk discounts using mailsort if your data is accurate, for example, if you have a mailing list has addresses that are not to the correct Postal Address Format (PAF) standard, then the discount you will recieve will be based only on those records that are accurate. If you are using a list for a campaign of more that mailing, the compound effect can mean you are paying significantly more for your post than necessary.


How can I make sure that my customers always get the most up to date offers and information?

However you communicate with your customers, be it via electronic means or printed documents, keeping your artwork up to date is of paramount importance. Our online storefront provides a convenient way of always making sure that printed literature is up to date. Your artwork can be uploaded as templates and any text or images that are subject to change can be updated online at anytime at your convenience.

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