Dynamic and interactive content will increase return on investment.

Changing technology is giving us more opportunity to test and measure what messages resonate with your customers and prospects. Use QR codes and PURLS to drive consumers to your website by letting them interact instantly on their mobile devices. If you are interested to know more about your prospects, here's how. Every scan of a QR code can be a click through to your website. Measure the response via Google Analytics and you have a very effective method of guaging resonse to different promotions and target audiences.

We recognise that print many not have the same role now and in the future as it has in the past, there being so may different options for delivering documents to the end user, but we believe print working in harmony with other communication channels can still deliver an impressive return on your marketing investment. 

Click here to download a few sample pages produced as an example of how direct mail may be used to include both targeted (PURL) and interactive (QR Barcode) content.

In the same pages, the only generic content are the words 'and claim your very special Travellers Offer.' Each page is dynamically imaged using a simple Excel Spreadsheet, click sample database to view the data used.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a PURL? Also known as a Personal URL, this is a means by which a prospect or customer can enter a web address that delivers a message specifically tailored to them. For example www.travellerswish.co.uk/johnsmith could be configured to take John Smith to a dynamically populated page with a travel offer specifically for him.
  • What advantage does a PURL have over an ordinary URL. A URL or more simply a web address will take you to a generic website, from a marketing perspective, if John Smith's details are held in a database and we can encourage him to use this special web address that is unique to him (eg. a PURL), it will allow his activity on your website to be tracked. Often the landing page for a PURL is a springboard to pages on the rest of your website, it is possible to track the movement within the site and consequently allow for more targeted marketing.
  • What is a QR Barcode. We illustrate a QR code on this web page. This is a simple idea that allows smart phone users to scan a graphic image and convert it to text, email or URL to name but a few options. QR codes can be included on all manner of printed items to enable the recipient to quickly interact with you through a mobile phone.
  • How much does a QR Barcode cost? There are plenty of online sites that allow you to generate QR Barcodes for free. Vision Partners possess software to produce the files and offer a free service to our client. As an alternative you can purchase software online to generate you own codes. Incorporating a QR Barcode into your direct mail, brochures or posters costs nothing extra.
  • How do you create a QR Barcode? It is a simple process using a QR Barcode generator, there are numerous free applications available online, search for 'qr barcode generator' or alternatively Clarkeprint can provide a free service to their clients which will provide you with a suitable file to incorporating into your artwork.
  •  How long does a QR Barcode last? A QR Barcode can be a link to a Text Message, Phone Number or Business Card and in this instance the data will last indefinitely. If linked to a URL, the link will last for as long as the URL remains valid. The content of the web page can be constantly updated if required, therefore keeping information current without the need to create a new QR Code.
  • How do you read a QR Barcode? To read a QR Code, you will need a QR Barcode reader. This is an application that can be downloaded (or in some cases pre-installed) on smart phones. The camera on a smart phone is used to photograph (or scan) the barcode and convert into data or URL link.
  • Who can use a QR Barcode? Just about anyone or organisation can make use of QR Barcodes. They are being used to great effect in marketing campaigns where consumers can immediately interact with online content. Many other applications exist, local authorities for example can use them to quickly and efficiently distribute information.
  • Should I link a QR Barcode to my website? The general advice from industry experts is to provide content that is optimised for mobile devices, bear in mind connectivity issues and some phones don't display conventional websites correctly! 
  • Not everyone has a smart phone! This is true, there are many people who do not possess smart phones, but all statistics point towards rapid growth in their use. It is only a matter of time before a significant proportion of the population is able to interact through a mobile device.


Why does 'Targeted Direct Mail' work as part of an overall marketing strategy?

Direct mail has some unique attributes that make it a powerful weapon in your marketing armoury. You can be sure that it will arrive looking exactly the same as when it was sent, it is tactile and the recipient doesn't need any equipment to receive or read it.

As technology has allowed direct mail to be more targeted, overall volumes have dropped, provided you are delivering a relevant message it is likely that the recipient will notice your message. So much marketing today involves bombarding people with digital messages, it is difficult to make your message heard unless the someone wants to listen.

Using the interactive elements illustrated by our sample images, we are able to encourage those people who are interested in your proposition to come to you. If you are able to make use of tracking technologies such as Google Analytics or from within your CRM, it will indicate how you can focus specific messages to individuals or groups to increase your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).

Vision Partners can be your ideal partner, we can offer advice on strategy and we have an enviable record on delivering solutions that really work.

How can we help you?

We think that seeing is believing and the best way to demonstrate how effective our proposition can be for you is to see it happening. We offer a no obligation demonstration of how to manage data within a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management System) and link this to targeted direct mail using PURLs and QR Codes.

If you think this will benefit your organisation, get in touch by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone on 0121 123 4567, we would love to share our knowledge with you.

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